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    New "We Are The World" Cloze Activity

    Hi teachers,

    I've made a printable cloze worksheet based on the lyrics of the new version of "We Are The World". You can download it for use in your classroom here:

    We Are The World 25 For Haiti with Lyrics, Artist List and Cloze Activity - Learn English Communicatively - WordSpark

    You can also watch the video there, read the lyrics and find out which lines your favorite artists sing. I hope you and your students enjoy it!

    On a related (but non-academic) note, I'm curious about what everyone thinks about this remake. My personal opinion is that it's a moving song for a great cause, of course, but there's a bit too much grandstanding for my taste. What do you think?

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    First of all, thank you again for sharing another nice activity, I've already downloaded it from your site. I love teaching through songs, as you probably remember, Zachary.

    One of the main activities on the site I created in the past are songs, and songs have proved a great tool in our profession. By the way, my site has been submitted to the Ministry of Education in my country and its purposes are strictly educational with non-commercial use or financial gains.

    Now, regarding these words, in my humble opinion we should have in mind what the pupils learn with this kind of lyrics and song. It is moving and what is most important, it teaches values. I don't care if adults feel those songs are already too common, we adults can enjoy the music we like hearing it at home or during our free time. When we teach, it depends on us if the learners will like it or not, a passive teacher that prefers jazz and blues or classical music, won't transmit anything to this young population.. an enthusiastic teacher, on the other hand, can do wonders by presenting the subject first, asking the pupils to show their feelings either through some writing activity or role playing, or even drawings, depending on their ages. Then, the vocabulary brainstorm, and finally the listening plus your activity.

    I love it.

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