First of all, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce PCB industry as a representative.

The Industry of PCB in Korea is composed Board industry, Raw materials and sub materials.
The scale of total PCB industry was summed up approximately 10,136billion dollar, which 4 % growth rate compared to 2008. Especially, the scale of Board industry was 5.592billion dollar in 2009. According to our Investigation, The scale of total PCB industry is expected 10,371billiion dollar in this year by 4.3% over 2009 Also it is expected to be bigger scale of industry about 5.852billion dollar which means 12% growth rate. The Raw materials industry is estimated 0.875billion dollar which means 9% growth rate. Finally, the sub materialís industry is estimated 251million dollar that means 7% growth rate. .
We are operating standardization on next generation PCBs which are Embedded PCB and LED PCB with JPCA.
As you know, PCB industry in 2009 was not easy to overcome the hardness. However, we could expect that PCB industry in this year is better than last year as cooperating each other.