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Thread: puns?

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    1. "And I absolutely hate separating eggs, because my mum always told me you got warts from the inside of an egg." Does she really mean warts? Can you get warts from eggs?

    2.-"I didnít think we were going to go down this avenue tonight." (as in "turn of conversation")

    -"No, I never shoot in the avenue, always the woods."

    This is meant to be a bad joke, perhaps a sexual innuendo, but in what way? Does it mean that he always does whatever it is that he does, in private, not in public?


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    Re: puns?

    1. I don't really know if the speaker really means warts when she says warts, but I have to assume she means what she says unless I have evidence otherwise.

    2. Not enough context for me to be able to decide.

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