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I'm practicing writing English for my toefl exam. Following is the topic and my essays. please help me review it and give your advices. I would fully appreciate receiving your comments..

Topic: Many people have a close relationship with their pets. These people treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In your opinion, are such relationships good? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer (Agree or disagree)

My first response:
Personally, we should keep a good relationship with our pets. Closing to our pets makes our life to be happier, safer and better.
For example, when I lived alone, in past, I fed a small cat. After a hard working day, I backed home and used to felt tired. Every day, when I came home, the cat used to run out and welcomed me. She touched on my feet and run around me when I cooked the dinner. I feel happier when she was closed to me. I also played with her when I had free time at home. Playing with her help me felt better and relieve my stress. I had never felt lonely when I live alone. Thus, closing the pets help we become happier.

Now, I have a family with a son. We love each other but we have difficult in closing to him. He rarely spent their time at home. He used to go out and play with their friends. He didnít spend time to study although we had advised him several times. Our relationship became very worst. He refused all of our advices. My sonís habits only changed when I bought a dog to home. He didnít frequently go out again. He spent more time at home and played with dog. Heís also studious in studying. He helped me feed the dog. We together played with dog and talk about the dogís hobby. Now, my son has carefully listened to my advices. Best of all, I have a better relationship with my children.

Also, I still remember a story happened in last year when we went on summer holiday. In that time, we had a big mistake that we forgot lock the door of our house before leaving. Until we were on the way to airport, my wife suddenly remember that. We were very worried and quickly turn back my house. We had left a unlock house for 5 hours so we didnít know what had happed to my house. I had imaged worst situations happened to my home. Our furniture might be destroyed by stealer and all our valuable things in my home might be stolen. We might lose a big amount of money. When I went near my house, I saw some clues of stealer. They make me more anxious. Fortunately, when we returned and entered my house, I saw everything as same we left. My dogs quickly go to welcome us. I checked all my rooms and valuable things were still there. I knew the stealers visited my house, but our dogs threaten and caused them run away. They protected our house.

For those reasons, I like keeping the good relationship with my pets. They make my life to be happier, safer and easier.
My second response:

Nowadays, people care more about animals, especially pets. Pets have private houses, private kind of food and dresses. I think it is reasonable for petsí owners to do so.
First and foremost, raising pets helps children learn how to care about others. Naturally, children are taken care by others. Yet most of them do not know they should care about others. Therefore, children could learn how to care about others by caring their pets such as feeding the pets, taking them a bath, playing with themÖ If a kid forgets to feed his pet, the pet would die. By this way, kids would become more responsible. It follows that treating pets as members of the families is good for children to get used to caring others in their families.
Second of all, pets, especially dogs, are very accommodating for disable people. In this case, their lives, the ownersí and the petsí, depend on each others like the pets need to be fed and the owners need pets for helping them in their daily activities. So pets should be considered part of the families. For instance, a blind man is walking on the pavement, his dog would go in front of him to lead him avoid obstacles. Thanks to the dog, the blind manís daily life must be much easier. For this reason, he should treat his dog as a family member.
Last but not least, pets are truly families to solitary people. It must be very lonesome when you live alone. Hence, you could have pets to take place partly your family vacancies. As the result, you could play with pets, eat with them, sleep with them and even talk with them. The closer Ė knit your relationship is, the more meaningful you find in your single life.
In conclusions, pets are our friends, we should treat them fairly. They deserve to beloved and being cared