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  1. Confused

    Unhappy The different uses of contempt

    Hello Teachers
    I was wondering if you might help me on this question. The word contempt means feeling disdain or digust for someone or something, but would you use contempt as in "I feel contempt for her", if you had hatred or digust for her?and for "She is contemptible"<<This is very difficult. Would this imply that she is full of hatred and digust for others, or would it mean she is hated and disgusted by others??

    ~Please help me on this, the adjectives and verbs are sometimes misleading...
    Thank You!!! :)

  2. ghmcal

    Re: The different uses of contempt

    "I feel contempt for her" means exactly what you said. "Contemptible" means that she deserves contempt: "His behavior was contemptible" means that he behaved very, very badly.

    You seem to be doing well at this. Keep up the good work.



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