kindly check this motivation letter for me
thaks for your time :)

Dear Sir or Madam,
I appreciate this opportunity to support my admission to Master of Science in Architecture in xxxx.

I graduated in architecture in June 2007 from the University of xxx , Faculty of Fine Arts department of Architecture in xxx . My graduation project focuses on architectural design and 3d presentation. I also took several courses in architecture visualization programs .
Architecture Design is, however, my preferred branch because it includes nearly all fields like design, working drawings and work shop drawings, besides, I enjoy working with 3D modeling, rendering and animation .
I have already gained more than average experience in this area, having worked in the architecture company as a part-time since November 2003.
Creativity ,good analytic of the problems and clever minded thinking ,helped me to be design visualization manager in ArchiMate company in very short time.

I was born in a family with a strong belief in the importance of education. Being highly motivated by my parents, especially my father, I have always striven to be the best student. Thus my academic performance has always been on top of the field.
In addition to my academic activities and working experiences , I also give time to my community. I take part in many social activities and international architectural competitions experiencing team work with many people from different backgrounds. Therefore, I can adapt to new situations and make friends easily. I am also comfortable with individual work......

The Master of Science in Architecture program will provide me an opportunity of experiencing an international education with many students from different culture and nationalities, which is valuable and enriching.

And because xxxxx in Italy is the best destination to learn architecture besides, it has a very unique type of historical architecture,
so I'm most interested in having this M.Sc. from xxxxx.In addition to that, I'm looking in future to get the Ph.D.
to support my experience in Architecture field.

I enclose a curriculum vitae and I sincerely hope that my qualifications and educational experiences will meet your high requirements. Please contact me if you require any further details or documents (e.g. certificates for courses I passed). I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Ayman Wagdy
Mr.Ayman Wagdy