Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

Shaking will settle the powder down.
settle down = become pressed together; squeeze down

Settling himself down in his favourite chair, he lit his pipe.
settle down = squat

The teacher told the students to settle down and study the lesson.
Please go upstairs and settle the children down.
Father settled down with the newspaper.
The house settled down for the night after the children were put to bed.
settle down = calm; set at rest; become calm, less nervous, or less restless

Finally he settled down to married life.
settle down = begin living a stable, orderly life; also, marry

How long did it take you to settle down in this country?
settle down = establish oneself

Having a baby often settles a young man and woman down.
settle down = draw closer

The boy couldn't settle down to his homework.
settle down = apply oneself seriously
settle down to one’s work = sit over one’s work
John will settle down after he gets a job and gets married.
Her parents wished she would settle down and raise a family.
settle down = to live more quietly and sensibly; have a regular place to live and a regular job; stop acting wildly or carelessly, especially by growing up.

The damaged ship leaned over and slowly settled down on the ocean flow.
settle down = go down; sink to the bottom

Thank you for your efforts.