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Thread: give up/give in

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    give up/give in

    Dear teachers or native speakers

    I am having difficulties with the following phrasal verbs...I canīt decide which one is correct..Please can you help????

    1)My brother realised he wasnīt going to win the chess game, so he stopped trying.....GAVE UP
    2)I am hooked- I canīt stop doing it.......GIVE UP
    About nb. 2 I am quite sure- it is give UP, but shouldnīthe first sentence be give IN???? If not, please, can you give me a typical example of a sentence with the phrasal verb give IN??
    Thank you very much. KP

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    Re: give up/give in

    To cease opposition; yield (the crossbar support gave in and the whole thing collapsed)

    GIVE UP is usually used in relation to addiction, game. (Give up smoking, drinking)

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    Re: give up/give in

    ***neither a teacher nor a native-speaker***

    To give up is ok for the first (to give in might be ok,too). I may have some suggestions for the second sentence;
    I should give up right away.
    I can't get myself out of it.
    I see no way out of it.
    I don't know how to be off the hook.
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