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    made a judgement


    Which sentence is correct?

    Sentence1: (an opinion)
    I made a judgement which was that the house prices were too high.
    Sentence2: (a decision)
    I made a judgement which was that we should not buy houses.

    Why I ask?
    I don’t know the meaning of judgement in “made a judgement”.

    My opinion:
    Judgements have 2 meanings:
    Meaning1: opinion about
    Meaning2: decision about

    However, I am not sure which is the correct meaning.


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    Re: made a judgement

    Opinion - sentence 1

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    Re: made a judgement

    Decisions are made because one has an opinion. A judge makes decisions on whether to hang someone, based on her/his opinion. My opinion is that the prices are too high so I decided not to buy. I made a judgement call to not buy. There could be a case where someone judged the prices to be too high. Some apartment owners are sued for having prices that are too high. But here, it is a personal opinion. I would save judgement for a decision not to buy. But you could use it to replace the word opinion, but it sounds a bit too strong to me in this case.

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