I have a question about how to add a company name into a paragraph. This is my paragraph and I am using the company Prosebusters Communications. I was wondering if I am using this properly??

Prosebusters Communications is an editorial team whom cuts down the bloated and unnecessary jargon in documents. Their goal is to revise and recreate unreadable dialect to simple and readable bits of information. In a graphical development based company for which I hope to work for, the workload for Prosebusters Communications may be minimal.
The list of clients associated with Prosebusters Communications range from the Canadian Tourism Commission to the House of Commons, but lack image developmental and almost any computer information based clients. The great entrepreneurs of graphical development, Nvidea and Ati technologies, use basic computer jargon to display specifics about their products. That being said, if Prosebusters Communications was not familiar with computer jargon, the outcome would fall far from idealistic. Although higher corporate positions may need to moderate their documents and charts before presenting them in front of potential clients, the graphical developers would surely not receive notable benefits working with Prosebusters Communications. In the world of image development, written words are not of much importance as symbols and discrete mathematics.
Given the type of service Prosebusters Communications provides, companies which produce software for video processing chips and graphic interfaces, revising long written documents will not bring upon great prosperity.