I need some help correcting the style and errors of my letter of motivation for a summer school. Anyone? thank you

Letter of motivation
I am very interested in attending the next summer school in theoretical physics at Utrecht university. I believe the department of physics at Utrecht is one of the leading research centers in most branches of physical science, specially in theoretical physics. This and other reasons motivate me to attend the summer school you offer.

As a last year undergraduate student in physics, I am now planing my postgraduate studies, and I believe that Utrecht university is an ideal option for my future studies. This summer school is indeed a great opportunity to get directly involved and witness the ongoing research activities carried out at the department. The excellent quality of the lecturers and the topics you offer, are by itís own, a good reason for me to apply. I am certain that I will considerably deepen my knowledge on each topic of theoretical physics at the courses you offer. I also think that the experience gained at the summer school will be necessary for a smooth transition to my upcoming postgraduate studies.
My current research interests are not firmly oriented towards a specific field in theoreti- cal physics. I enjoy many different topics, specially the interplay between geometry and topology in physics, gauge theories and quantum field theory. Nevertheless, I am aware I still need further interaction with researchers and research groups in different fields for me to choose a definitive area of research for my postgraduate studies. I know that this kind of interaction will be present at the Utrecht summer school. I am currently completing my undergraduate research thesis on the geometry and topology of quantum entanglement. If accepted, I would also be glad to give an oral presentation of this interesting subject next summer at Utrecht.

Another point that motivates me is the multicultural interaction between students at- tending the summer school; as I watched the promotional video posted on the web page, I couldnít help noticing that Utrecht summer school receives students from many different countries and cultures. I am sure that motivated people like myself, from developed and underdeveloped countries, converge at your school every year. It would be a pleasure for me to share with other people my different experiences as a science student from a very different environment and culture, and take part of the cultural dynamics at Utrecht.
I hope you consider my application, I am confident that Utrecht summer school will be an enjoyfull expierience.
Dario f.