Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

Upon receiving a summons by Miller, the head of the firm, Charles Wheeler (Jason Robards), worries about the damage the lawsuit could do to his business and reputation, although one partner (Ron Vawter) unsuccessfully tries to convince them to settle out of court with Beckett.

summons = writ

to settle out of court = to work out one’s disagreement outside of court = to come to an agreement out of court

As the case goes before the court, Wheeler takes the stand, claiming that Beckett was incompetent and claiming that he had deliberately tried to hide his condition.

take a stand = adopt a firm position about an issue

"We have no artificial deadlines," - said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

deadline = time limit

Each side has once again pointed out that negotiations are nearing completion.

once again = more than once

point out = identify or bring to notice

Specialist American Institute of Hudson David Satter in an interview with BBC BBC notes that the ratification in the Senate, such a linkage, if it is spelled out, would be considered very carefully.

linkage = correlation

spell out = make explicit; specify in detail

A much more serious problem, according to Pikayev, submitted plans to deploy elements of missile defense in Romania, which over time may actually allow the Americans to intercept Russia's ballistic missiles.

deploy = dispose; arrange

intercept = take hold of

Thank you for your efforts.