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    College Placement test.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums. I have some problems to ask. I was born in the United States and I grew up with English. When I was little my parents taught me Chinese a long the way. Then when I started to go to school my English was terrible. I couldn't focus right. I need help. So I started out school late. Then I had to repeat some course. Then as I got into the high school I passed my English final there. When I went to college all else has failed. The college school that I go to needs English in order to pass. So today was the time to take the test over again. Then I took the test. The test was pretty rough. I didn't like it. I scored pretty low on the test. I didn't get a chance to to do the e-write. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? I need some help and practices. Tomorrow is my reading test. I have no problem with reading. I understand and read the paragraphs clearly.

    After my test today for English. The tutor helped me go over subject verb agreement, pronouns, part of speech and some shit like that. I have no problem answering his questions. But he told me that he says he doesn't want me to take the class over again, because it is not worth it. Then when we go into the paragraphs to correct the essay my problems comes in. Please I need help. I want help. Can anyone give me a site for all these things? Thanks

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    Re: College Placement test.

    What is your reading test going to be like? Do you have any sample questions from such a test? Have you done such tests before? How did you score?

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    Re: College Placement test.

    Two semesters ago I took the reading compass and I scored a 51. This time when I went to a different school I scored a 49 last month. So I was pretty close the first time I think. The teachers here have a list of compass placement practice website that they hand out to the students. This is one of the sites that I go to for reading. And reading only, well they have other subjects on their. So I use this site to practice: My writing in essays sucks. The best one I could score is an 5. Lets say 5 out of 10. 10 is the highest grading policy in Atlanta GA Gwinnett technical college. I don't know how does each state score their test. The high score for reading is a 60 on the placement test and the reading the highest is a 74 and the minimum is a on reading for diploma is a is an 64 or higher.

    As for the writing compass placement test here is a sample for teachers & students:

    When I did the test I went back to click each sentence that needs to be change. Then I scroll down and click more. Then sometimes it has more boxes on the question. Then I click the question and look at for 5 minutes.

    Can any teacher out there give me a topic to write about? I couldn't think of one. Thanks. I really want to improve my essays.

    The placement took me an hour and something minutes to read it. As for today it took me 4 hours to complete it. Because the first time I scored really low, so the second time the people in the placement center let me retook it. Then I finish at 12:00 p.m.

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