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My love life
My fiancé and I have been together for one year and would stay together for the rest of our lives. To the scientist, it is nothing more than a pre-programmed, biochemical response. Love is a word for the poet. This was how it had to be and any talk of emotions just muddied the picture. This all started with a casual conversation, randomly, but who knew that I will fall in love with this wonderful guy and marry him one day. He is one of a kind guy whom I have admired, respected and loved for sure.
So, this all started with a text message that I received at 6:00 am 20th May, 2009. I never wake up to check my phone messages or call when I’m asleep but that day, something was different, I checked my cell phone and saw a new incoming message. The message said- “Hi, I just wanted to talk to you, if you do not mind. If you do not want to talk, it’s ok.” I was quiet surprised to see such a message from an unknown number, so I replied back rudely, as I do not like such things. Then, I received a reply to my text messenger saying- “Sorry to message you, I am just your well wisher.” I was really angry with this message so I called up my friend to know if someone has leaked my number somewhere, because I never give my cell phone number just like that to anyone. My friend told me that she did not give to anyone so it must be someone who I know. I gave that number to one of my friends to get to know who messaged me on my cell phone. I got to know that no one has given my number anywhere and then I was more worried. I sent a message on that number again, asking who is it and how did he get my number. I got a reply saying- “You know me and I cannot tell you, how I got your number.” Then I replied him saying that I want to know because it’s not a normal thing for me. He replied with his name but I still did not know who is he, so I asked him how you know me because I do not know you. He said we have met many times but maybe you never noticed me. Eventually, yes I knew him as I was familiar to him through my parents. I said sorry to him for replying rudely and then our conversation increased as I started liking him a lot.
He told me that he loves me and wants to get married to me but I was shocked because I have not heard anything like this ever in my life. He said that I should talk to my parents about us so that we can take the second step to our relationship. I was scared to tell my mother at that time. India might be a cosmopolitan country now, but the culture and traditions are the same. People cannot marry outside their caste or culture because it is considered against the ancestral traditions.
People have realized that a successful marriage is not dependent on factors such as same caste and religion. It is on the other hand, built on the aspects of mutual understanding and compatibility. It is how well the two understand each other's need and feel for your partner. It is not necessary that you have to belong to the same community or caste to understand your spouse better. Today, there are ample of examples when two people from totally different background and lifestyle come together and spend their entire life happy with each other, thanks to education.