PLEASEEE, its an AP class, and i really have to get atleast a B or an A in this class. HELP!
Its based off "A Modest Proposal" from Jonathan Swift. and we are supposed to write about a contemporary problem of the world, with solution, and try to imitate swift with the irony, etc. i doubt i imitated him at all, but just help me make it good. pleaseeeeee asap!

Jonathan Swift, the author of A Modest Proposal, addresses the issue of beggars. The number of beggars, especially young beggars, has been increasing and delegated by their guardians, accepting that alms are the only luck they can rightfully have. But what if poverty is not the actual reason for people to go out and beg. Nor education, nor economic issues, nor climate, nor health, nor the environment. All of these worldly issues come from one problem, people, human beings. WE create all this; the issues going around the world are caused by US. Swift stresses that it is difficult for mothers to provide for their children consistently. If it’s such a hassle, then why have kids? Why put kids through so much trouble, make their life miserable, and then leave them isolated in some trash? Both female and male need to learn that sex does not only pleasure them, but it creates struggles for others. The saying heard practically almost at every corner of the street about the “world is small” is very much today’s truth. The rising of population will soon make the world so congested with people because the very same people need to have that uncontrollable pleasure. Its okay to have sex, but if one can not take care of themselves, or do not want to take care of kids, or for any other reason can not have them be a part of their life, then simply don’t do it. Otherwise, be educated, have the knowledge of doing something before actually doing it. Urban areas have that potential, have that choice in which they may struggle or they may live happily, dependent on their current struggles in life.
It is quite understandable where many people that bring more lives to Earth are coming from. However, they need to realize that even if they are thinking about themselves, they will encounter troubles after being put through pleasure. What happened to the ethics; the controlling of committing adultery?
A simple solution can be given to all this. CONTROL! Otherwise, be educated to not risk another baby. How much does it really cost to share the knowledge that could help the nation? At least if the people will be aware of what possibilities may follow after being delighted for a short period of time, to leading it to bearing it for nine months, and then abandoning it to grow up itself. And then, it is said that there isn’t enough money, or the wealthy are pushing people down towards the lower class, in which percentile of people in lower class has just been increasing, or no education, or food. Basically, a living they do not have, and the world is being blamed with, as well as the government. If anyone should have to put up with blame, it should be the people themselves. And in order to stop blaming themselves as well, they should try to avoid having sex as a daily food plate, use birth control items if affordable,