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    Test Revision Please Help!

    b) Can you think of different ways of helping students to improve their pronunciation?

    2. These sentences contain common errors. Correct them and say what rules are broken
    a) I am liking that picture
    b) She learns French since 2 years
    c) If he would inherit some money, he would buy a house
    d) Do you can understand?
    e) There is too much people here
    f) He asked what do I earn (keep in indirect form)

    3. How would you explain and illustrate the difference between:

    ‘since’ and ‘for’
    ‘some’ and ‘any’
    Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous
    Will (future) and going to (future)
    Much / a lot of / many

    1. Comment on the ranked order of the following ways of asking permission

    a) OK if I go home now?
    b) Can I go home now?
    c) May I go home now?
    d) Do you think I might go home now?

    2 Think of 4 ways of apologising and rank them in a similar way. Which would you teach first and why?

    3. The following pairs of sentences have the same grammatical structure but in each case the function is different. Try to paraphrase each sentence to show the distinction

    a) Have you got a light?
    Have you got a sister?

    b) Call me John
    Call me a taxi

    c)You must be quiet
    You must be hungry

    1. Think of the most efficient way of teaching the following items:

    To beg

    2. Can the following words be taught as synonyms? Why/why not?

    Large – great
    Tall – high
    Begin – start


    1. Stress
    Mark the main stresses on the following words (E.g. ‘medicine, inform’ation)
    Reporter Economics
    Prefer Comfortable
    Refuse (verb) international
    Refuse (noun)
    2. Sounds

    2.a) Arrange each of the following words in the column headed by
    the word with a similar vowel sound

    weight, wrong, rich, half, buy, shop, sieve, heart, leave, wife, peach, what, siege, man, sick, pays, blood, band, ton, fast, wait


    3. Sentence Stress

    Explain the difference in the meaning of the sentence below depending on how it is said

    a. Lisa might have told John

    b Lisa might have told John

    c. Lisa might have told John


    Think of two different learning experiences in your life, one successful and one unsuccessful. State the main reasons for the difference.

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    Re: Test Revision Please Help!

    You've already posted your test once.
    Do you know how easy is it for a teacher to search for
    "weight, wrong, rich, half, buy, shop, sieve, heart, leave, wife, peach, what, siege, man, sick, pays, blood, band, ton, fast, wait" and find your post immediately?
    Perhaps one of the moderators will do you a favour and delete your posts.

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    Re: Test Revision Please Help!

    May I go home now is the best

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    Re: Test Revision Please Help!

    This is the third time you have tried posting this test up. We do not do people's assignments for them. You have been told three times now that simply copying and pasting your assignment into a post and hoping that someone else will do al your work for you is not acceptable. Do not post this again.

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