Deal all

I need your assistance to look at my letter and correct it if there is any mistakes in terms of language or grammar.

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Sami Richard and I am a postgraduate student (Masters) of Process Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I would like to take part in an exchange programme at the Technical University of Munich for a period of 4 or 5 months.
At the Technical University of Munich, is the Institute for Water Quality and Control, a well known institute for its expertise and training in water and wastewater treatment. I think that this Institute is the best option since it suits my desire to carry on with research and increase my knowledge about water and wastewater treatment. This would be an extended knowledge to my Masterís project which concerns the effect of using floating plastic pellets in water filtration and its performance on the removal of turbidity and suspended solids.
The main reason why I want to go to Munich is because I want to acknowledge a better non-African Water Science knowledge. I am keenly interested in acquiring more knowledge in water science and technology, because there are some serious challenges that our beloved continent (Africa) is facing nowadays. One of these challenges is Water shortage and as a student and a researcher in future I believe that I must participate and do something to solve our problems in terms of water shortage. Furthermore, I am seriously considering working in one of the water treatment plants or in one of the water research centers after I acquire my Masters degree of Chemical Engineering.
Germany is my first choice as an European country for the exchange programme, because fellow researchers and colleagues have spoken very highly of this country in consideration with Water Science and Engineering experiences. I always hoped to gain more knowledge about the German water field and that is why I think the exchange programme will be perfect and it completes my desire. By having more knowledge about water treatment and water quality and other aspects of water technology, I would be able to participate in my community and be a very creative person.
I am also very interested in doing some additional courses during my exchange programme in Munich. Courses that deal with languages such as learning the German language, or deal with the environmental issues, or any additional courses that could be very beneficial for me in my main interest which is water science and technology.
It is not only that I will gain knowledge and experience from this opportunity, I will be a good representative for my university , the University of Stellenbosch
I truly hope that I could take part in the exchange programme to Munich in July or August 2010.

Yours faithfully