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    Wid Animals

    Wild Animals
    Such developing country- Cambodia- has a lot of factors to boost its economic system. Best of which is keeping wild animals. Firstly, wild animals are precious keys for nature-friendly tourism. Now, many and many more people are concerning about the wild animals and they therefore willing to pay more to see wild animals living calmly in the zoos. According to the ministry of tourism, 23 percent of 2009 touristís revenue is contributed by the zoos in Cambodia. This number will surely increase in the next year and twofold in the next three years, they add. Beside nature-friendly tourism, keeping wild animals devotes numerous jobs for Cambodian people. Big companies such as tourist agencies, souvenir shops, restaurants, and so forth are being generated throughout the country. Smaller Businesses such as beverage-selling vendors, guides, post-card vendors, and etc are also existed in tourist spots. This means, local people- especially farmers- have other jobs. This is to say, they have better income; as a result, the economic is also blossomed. Last but not least, keeping wild animals privileges Cambodia to woo international aids. Since wild animals are being very concerning by worldwide, the world will finance any organizations which take care of wild animals. In other words, what we have to do is just keeping good welfare to those animals and we will be paid all facilities from buying lands, foods, medicine, and other services and also revenue from the tourists. In short, keeping wild animals pays giant role in Cambodian economic.

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    Re: Wid Animals

    Hello friends,
    I am new member of this forum.Liked it so thought to reply.I agree with you.Nice post.I was searching this kind of post from a long time.


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    Re: Wid Animals

    hmm, this is interesting.

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    Re: Wid Animals


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