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    what means "crapp-store"

    I found this expression in sentense: " Enables operators to efficiently fill the crapp-store part of their inventory."

    What could mean "crap-store" in this context? I know that "crap" means something bad, rubbish etc. But does it have this meaning in this contex? Something like bad, low class store?

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    Re: what means "crapp-store"

    This makes no sense to me. I googled it and found references to the applications made for the iPhone, called apps. Perhaps if you don't think much of your apps, you think they are crap, so you call them crapps. I don't know. Where did you see this?
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    Re: what means "crapp-store"

    It's from here Mobile World Congress 2010 Summary - Alan Quayle Weblog Im translating it into russian. He gives some explanation: "I use the term crapp-store as the margin generated for operators is likely to be low to negative, however there's lots of customer value - especially those free apps." Probably crapps means unprofitable?

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    Re: what means "crapp-store"

    It's a portmanteau word - by saying 'I use the term' he suggests that it's not a standard term and probably that he has made it up. It's the Apple store and it's crap because there's no money in the apps but Apple don't care because they make their money from devices and free apps are popular with consumers and make them more likely to buy more iPhones.

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