Hello, everyone
I am struggling to write a good motivation letter for postgraduate studyes in Germany.
Could you please take a look at it and say what is good and bad about it.
Thanks a lot in advance

To those, whom it may concern

I am writing this paper to express my interest in joining postgraduate program on ***** at ***University.
I have graduated from Belarusian State Economic University two years ago. My specialty is “Economics and management of enterprise” and my qualification is managing economist.
I am interested in this particular program, because in the nearest future I see myself in entertainment and media business, as a manager of international media projects.
That is why I would choose Culture, Media and Cultural Management option for my Master degree. A good specialist means an internationally oriented one. For that purpose a person should study cultures and history of different nations. Participating in this Master program I will be able to combine three cultures – my native Belarusian culture, British culture as the main subject of the program and, obviously, German culture which will surround me during the studies. I am very excited about this perspective and I am sure that in such circumstances I will be able to develop my talents and abilities perfectly.
Belarus is rich in talented people but there is very poor professional media and cultural management environment. I would like to change this situation and British experience would be a perfect basis for that. For me, British means unique, modern and of a high quality. British culture has always stood out from the range of other cultures. My aim is to learn the roots of this success through studying History, Politics, and Economics of Great Britain. The Centre for British Studies presents a wonderful program as an essence of the past, present and prospects of the United Kingdom.
I am convinced that culture should be a bright spot in people’s everyday life. My personal aspiration is to make culture available for everybody. Nowadays, media is the main source of culture. It is like an open window and it depends on media producers whether people will feel fresh breeze through it or step forward from the window to end their days. I am a big fan of the first option.
I have excelent background for this program. My graduate education gave me knowledge in Management and Economics which are necessary for further education. Also, I have experience in film-making. Not only was I a producer but also a director and a scriptwriter in this project. This gave me deep understanding of creative side of media production. Plus, at my current job I had a good experience in Information technologies and also I developed leadership, communication skills and ability to work in a team. All these qualities will allow me to succeed in my future career.
My sincere enthusiasm will be a big advantage in studies. When a person is interested, all the best things happen and all the most difficult goals are achievable. This Master program gives me such opportunity. To further my career aspiriations of becoming a part of global Media business.
Thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward to joining British Studies program at ** University.

Alena V