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As suggested in my previous post, I again work on this article and posting again. Please let me know the mistakes.


At times time it might have happened with you also. I and my husband planed to go to Laxmi temple with our two children. The temple was quite far around 30 miles from my place. It was a nice sunny weather that day after a long winter so we headed early around 10am in the morning to the temple. We all were very excited. After reaching the temple we found that some of the cultural activities had been organized that day. So we also enjoyed the Indian music, dramas and dances performed by Indian children. After all these we all enjoyed the delicious prasadam in the temple. We all were half stuffed with that prasadam.

We headed for lunch in a nearby Indian restaurant according to that day agenda. On the front door of the restaurant, we both stuck to the notice for special buffet offer for that day. We both had sparks in our eyes with watery mouth. Who would not enjoy delicious unlimited food for a fixed amount of money. But it was costing 20 $ per person. We both quickly calculated $60 for three buffets as my younger daughter was too little for the buffet (she was just 15 month old). It was little high for our budget. We were not very hungry also as we had eaten the prasdam in the temple. We discussed with each other and made a wonderful plan of buying one buffet for my husband and one small snack for me and one small snack for my son. That was costing us $40.That’s way no one in the restaurant management might be able to make out that we were intending to enjoy from one buffet plate. So as per plan my husband started eating his buffet plate. I also started to pretend as if I was eating my snack plate only. I was delightful as I tasted all different varieties of food from my husband’s plate alongside. My son was busy with his plate and was not aware of this game so I took the responsibility to feed him carefully from my husband’s buffet plate when no one around.

On the way back to home, I was smiling on what we did in restaurant. My husband told me that rather than enjoying the different varieties of food we were busy to stuff our stomach. Though I agreed with him but soon after I convinced him that we paid 40$ and that was 2 buffet amount and our son is just four year old to eat much. That way the restaurant wasn’t in loss.He sighed and said, “yeah, may be”. After a while I requested my husband to get down for shopping in market basket for grocery shopping as it was on the way to home. He replied instantly, “no, I am over stuffed and was about to vomit”. I proudly laughed at him and suggested that you should not eat so much even if it was unlimited. I also told him that I had just eaten just the right amount of food. ..not like you kept stuffing the unlimited food. He laughed at himself as nothing he could do. We reached home and did nothing as my husband’s urge to vomit had been worsen by that time. Though I was taking care of him but I was passing a vivid smile to him. Slowly I felt a little pain in my stomach. It was evolving and Infect I could not sleep the whole night. In the night we both were in the toilet alternatively and laughing at each other. The next day at the breakfast table I realized that my digestion was completely stopped since yesterday’s lunch. Though I had not eaten much but I realized that I was under stress of stealing the food from my husband’s place in public. This stressed might had made my digestion disturbed inspite of eating less. If we would have accepted that fact that 3 buffet were out of our pocket, we would have made intelligent decision of eating 2-3 small snack which would be more than sufficient for our half stuffed stomach and it would had cost use much lesser than we paid for two buffet and one snacks. But greediness stop mind thinking in right direction. On the top of it we could sleep the whole night. I now remember the old lament. Now I understand the famous quotation that “Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom”