Hi in the text below are some vocabulary and grammar faults, how I have to correct them? I have written the fault behind the sentence where the fault is in.

The rescuers at the front have just helped the people in the train. A lot of people died, some are just wounded. They are all shocked, and are

discussing what could happen. They donít know what happened because GR

they are just arrived. They are guessing what went wrong. The train could GR

have a collision with another train, or it could be a terroristís attack. Or GR

maybe there was an earthquake. One of the trains is very old and there is a lot of graffiti on the side of the train.

Some of the rescuers go searching to other wounded people. They have VOC

already found 29 death people. At the same time, the police have to keep VOC

the curious people and the press away. But there are already made a lot GR

of pictures and videos out of helicopters. And the news is going around the hole world. VOC