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Thread: Grammar help

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    Grammar help

    I am unsure as to what nominalization is, and whether such things like 'the issues' and 'the problems' is nominalization?

    Also, what is an example of a complex noun group?

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    Re: Grammar help

    Nominalization means that any other word (verb, adjective, adverb), which is not primarily a noun, is changed/derived into a noun/ is used in nominal function.
    I think that 'an issue' is the case of nominalization since 'to issue' is a verb. I don't think this is the case with 'problem', which is already a noun, so it can' t be nominalized...

    A complex noun group consists of more parts: a car - a simple n. group, my new car, a friend of mine, the man I met yesterday - complex noun groups

    I hope I've helped.

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