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    Please correct my grammar

    Hello! Can someone please correct my grammar? Please let me know the mistakes I made. Thank you.

    My mother had to assume the position of both parents. She had to transition from a stay at home wife into the role of my father. It was very difficult for her to make the changeover, because of the high demanding and fast pace society. She didnít have anyone to assist her, my mother was left alone to handle a difficult role. Throughout all her life she stayed home, having no education in America, and didnít speak english very well. My mother had to go out and look for job, learn enough english to communicate, and care for her children. Ultimately, she found a minimum wage job at the Internal Revenue Service. She worked hard and thrived absorbing up all she could learn. With continued dedication and hard work, she moved up into a well paid position at the I.R.S. She bought her first house 4 years after my fatherís death. My brother graduated Fresno State University shortly after, and my younger sister eventually graduated at the top of her class and was accepted at U.C Davis. My mother continues to amaze me with her achievements, and put a smile on my face. Through her kids accomplishments, she has done a very good job in transitioning into a once thought impossible role.

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    Re: Please correct my grammar

    Thank you. It's just part of my essay. How can I improve my writing?

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