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    'Recall' as in recall vehicles and vehicle recalls

    Please let me know 'recall' meaning asking owners to send their vehicles to the dealerships for repair is pronounced same in both verb and noun forms.

    I know the noun is 'recall.

    The verb meaning 'recollect some memory' is pronounced as re'call.

    How about 'to recall all Prius models?

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    Re: 'Recall' as in recall vehicles and vehicle recalls

    I would say that the verb used in this way is pronounced the same way as the noun - the stress on the first syllable.

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    Re: 'Recall' as in recall vehicles and vehicle recalls

    Just to add to the above post (I noticed Linguist__ is from Scotland), I'll confirm that Americans also pronounce it 'recall for both the verb and noun when used like "to recall all Toyota Priuses" or "Toyota has instituted a recall." When using the word to refer to memory, such as, "I don't recall," it is re'call.


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