A Good Teacher
Now, I am a year-2 student in IFL. Sometimes, I ask myself that what I will be in the next two years? What might be doing this time in the next two years? I reckon I will definitely be teaching in one class this time next year since I covet to be an English teacher after graduating. To me, a good teacher is a person who is well-educated, well-behaved, and well-dressed.
To start with, a good teacher must be a well-educated person. Only well-educated teacher can foster his or her students the concrete knowledge. Moreover, with great knowledge about what he or she is teaching, He or she knows ways to flexibly approach the lesson, properly and clearly explain, and handle well to studentsí questions. In other words, that particular teacher manages to provide a great lesson plan for his lesson, to interpret his lesson in detail and easy to understand, and to clear any doubt from students.
Secondly, a good teacher must be well-behaved person. In class, teacher is studentsí model. In some studentsí mind, teacher is their hero and they wish to be just like their teacher when they grow up. Therefore, to be a good teacher, that particular person must be respectful, honest, hard-working, patient, and punctual. With these positive personalities, teacher is an excellent model for students to follow. As a result, a student from his or her class will be became a good child, good friend, and good citizen when they grow up.
Last but not least, a good teacher has to be well-dressed person. Imagine you are learning with a female teacher wearing short skirt, see-through shirt, 3-color hair, and make-up face. Do you think you are attracted by her or her lesson? Or, you are sitting in front of an unruly hair, not-fresh face, sleepy eyes, badly dress male teacher. Do you think how much time you can spend with him before leaving the room? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
To sum up, a good teacher must be a 3-well person.