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    "relevant" "related"

    "relevant" "related"
    What is the differences between two adj.?

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    Re: "relevant" "related"

    Hi kelvin123

    As an NES (UK),but not a teacher, I would explain the difference as follows:

    If something is "relevant" in a discussion, it should positively contribute to the discussion.

    If something is a "related" matter, then it might cover a similar, but perhaps different situation, and may not be relevant to (i.e. not apply to) the particular discussion that you are having.



    adjective closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand.


    <H1>related files definition of related files in the Free Online Encyclopedia.</H1>

    related files

    Two or more data files that can be matched on some common condition, such as account number or name.

    evidence legal definition of evidence. evidence synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.

    Objections to Questions:

    Objection: Calls for an irrelevant answer
    Legal Basis: The answer to the question would not make the existence of any consequential fact more or less probable.

    Hope this helps


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