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    make possible

    Which sentence do you think is better?

    These measures aim to make possible free trade.

    These measures aim to make free trade possible.

    The second sentence sounds better to me, but I think if what followed "make" were wordy, one would put "possible" right after "make." For example:

    These measures aim to make possible the functioning of the internal market that was envisioned by the original Member States.


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    Re: make possible

    I agree with you on both points. Usually "make sth possible" is preferred, but only if it's not awkward. Here's an example I found that demonstrates the "make possible sth" form, to complement your final example:

    Obama's signing of the federal government's latest jobs bill will make possible other improvements along a 12-mile stretch of I-80 from Reno's Robb Boulevard to Vista Boulevard in Sparks, a project expected to cost upwards of $50 million.

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