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    Are the parts in bold correct?

    Even me who is uneducated about economics know about the art of jerking up the price of an item by a few times, then giving you a small part back. I’ll give you an example: the cost price of a handphone is $50. You sold it at $250, then you discount it by 50%, thus selling it at $125, but at the end of the day, you still make $75! Just that you make lesser, but you are selling it at 250% of the cost price!”

    Are the parts in bold correct? If not, what are the correct words that should be used? Are there any other errors.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Are the parts in bold correct?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tan Elaine View Post
    Even me who is
    Let sleeping dogs lie, Tan. You probably still remember that thread which you started a couple of days ago with this question and which was eventually closed.

    Read the gospel:

    Mobile phone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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