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    Question " I is " and " I are " why?


    I have noticed that some people say:

    I is


    I are

    instead of saying " I'm " is there any purpose behind this?

    I guess it indicates that they are in love or interested in something. hmm not sure though.

    Thank you in advance :)

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    Re: " I is " and " I are " why?

    I can't think of any reason to do this. It doesn't sound 'cute' or 'loved-up' or anything. People sometimes type like this on the internet, but that is because they are mocking people who use bad grammar on the internet without caring.

    For example: 'I is typing thsi wei becoz I haz teh worste grammarz!!1!'

    It is disgusting, frankly.

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    Re: " I is " and " I are " why?

    They might be interested in something but obviously not in grammar.

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    Re: " I is " and " I are " why?

    Thank you Linguist and billmcd.

    Yes, I was wondering why they were using it. I'm sure that one of them is a native English speaker. That's why I thought using it might indicate something.

    Thank you again. :)


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