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    a few connotations of "miss"

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

    We felt the miss of you.
    miss = loss, lack

    I missed the point of the speech.
    miss = not catch fact; don’t understand the essence

    I something not understand about than was speech.
    Please complete this cheque properly; You have missed out the date.
    miss = skip, release (words, letters); sl. miss out; leave out

    He had to miss school for two weeks.
    miss = pass without visit (classes, Lecture etc.)

    I did my best, but unfortunately I missed the bus at the home.
    miss the buss = no catch on bus

    I missed you ever so much.
    I miss you when you go to Honk Kong. Can I go with you?
    miss = feel absence, feel lonely because you are not here

    He just missed hitting the other car.
    He barely avoid collision with other machine.
    miss = escape, avoid

    She missed money from her pocket.
    She found that it missing money pocket.
    miss = lose

    That's the third time you've missed.
    The bullet missed me by a hair's breadth.
    miss = not get in target
    He tried to catch the ball but missed.
    He missed his hold of the cord.
    miss = not catch

    He missed his footing. (he stumbled)
    She missed the step and fell. (she stumbled on the stairs)
    I missed him. (I had not met him)
    I missed him at the hotel. (I did not find him at the hotel.)
    I missed the flags twice. (miss = skip gates at slalom)
    You haven't missed much.
    I missed the first part of his speech.
    I missed most of the words.
    She missed classes.
    He missed his breakfast.
    I would not have missed his lecture for anything.
    He missed the train by three minutes. (he was late for the train to three minutes)

    I have missed my turn.
    He missed his entrance.
    miss = skip output (on the actor)

    When did you miss your purse?
    miss = detect loss

    A hundred levs note was missing from my purse.
    The second volume of the War and Peace was missing.
    miss = disappear

    He missed the sunshine when he returned to London from Africa.
    He just missed being killed.
    He just missed being struck by the stone.

    He missed the accident. (he (accidentally) avoid disaster)
    The engine is missing on one cylinder. (one cylinder hiccups in the engine)

    It was a near miss for that truck, since the driver had crossed the center strip into on-coming traffic.
    near miss = a narrowly avoided mishap

    We are sure to be missed.
    The old man won't be missed.
    miss = notice the lack

    I shall miss out the sweet course.
    miss = skip, omit

    Now we only memorizes of our song birds. You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry.
    (you do not appreciate some things until they go away or become extinct

    I’m sorry. You cannot go today. You missed your chance to go yesterday.
    miss your chance = not do it when you can

    Thank you for your efforts.


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