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    Please Check my Writing Task 2

    Dear friends and Teachers.please check my Writing Task 2, i'll be taking the IELTS next month.Thank you. God bless everyone.

    Famous people play an important role in shaping the characters of others, especially young people; these well known people may act as a “role models” for the young. Is it a good or bad development?

    Molding the minds of the youth is a herculean task for parents. At the same time, well known celebrities and icons have influential power that can affect youngster’s perception positively and negatively. As I see it, this improvement is favorable in many cases as it help parents task of rearing a child.
    As can be seen, famous person are in good position to influence the dispositions of the youth and because of their status, they are compelled to act as a person with immaculate character as showing the opposite would certainly destroy their hard invested reputations. This being the case, young people look unto them as their perfect role-models—a person that one should emulate because of their positive attitudes, they were given much respect and adoration as well as social, political, and financial power that made them one of the most sought individuals in the society. For parents, it would give them a little space from parenting as their offspring will have other source of inspiration and strength to face the so-called battles of life.
    However, one should never forget the risks of idolizing the wrong famous person as not all have shown lately acceptable attitudes. Similarly, as a result of exposure to violent theme movies portrayed by these actors or celebrities caught committing unlawful acts publicly. With these accounts, a parent’s role should never be waived-off as a part of creating well-mannered individuals as they can also be an adviser and protector against these wrong exposures.
    As denouement, with the boundless availability of television, print media and entertainment, chances of falling into the hands of famous person is inevitable thus parents will always play an important task in producing an upright individual as guardians. Moreover, as long as they are confined to appropriate people worth imitating then there is no need to worry.
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