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    revising of a few sentences 10

    Dear teachers,
    Would you be kind enough to revise the following sentences?

    Bulgaria Ethnic Turks Leader Denies Embezzlement Allegations (an article title from a newspaper)

    embezzlement = misappropriation; misapplication

    allegation = bare statement

    Allegations of fraud were made against him.

    Their allegation that he had taken the money proved to be false.

    She had a frightening experience then.

    It’s frightening to even contemplate such a possibility.

    It’s frightening that a war could break out at any time.

    She frightened me to death.

    He was frightened at the thought of his coming examination.

    Keep still, or you'll frighten the rabbit away.

    The salesman frightened the old lady into signing the paper.

    They frighten us into submission.

    Don't put your prices too high or you'll frighten the customers off.

    We all love to frighten the pants off ourselves by going on hair-raising rides at fun-fairs.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: revising of a few sentences 10

    The last is correct, but 'scare ourselves to death' or something would sound more natural to me.

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