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    Can anyone check my Essay please? and give me a mark

    WAR is the most serious problem in the world

    I think war is a serious problem in the world because many people will die, especially for innocent people who has nothing to do with war, they will be the victims. Itīs also a problem for the economy growth in that particular country, it will affect the financial sections.

    War is something that can affect our lives, many people will be death and many of them will have to seek refuge in order to be safe. Some of them will survive and those who are not able to survive will lose their lives during the war.

    When war begins there will allot of money spend in the war for the weapons and also for the soldiers to pay their salaries. This is one reason why the economy of a country will go down. The second reason is there will be lots of death; many people will lose their lives, so there will be no longer enough people to run the economical process in order to make the financial section forward.
    Also schools, hospitals, houses will be destroyed. So it will be a big problem if there are no longer hospitals ,schools and houses because these are very important. If there is no longer a hospital there will be no place to treat people who are sick. Schools are very important in order to learn something. An off course one of the important thing in live is a shelter where you have to have a roof on your head.
    In other words war is something bad, it could affect our lives and the development of our nation.

    Written by Hassan Omar

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    Re: Can anyone check my Essay please? and give me a mark

    it's not very good and you made many mistakes do you want me to write you a good essay?


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