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Thread: ms and miss

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    Smile ms and miss

    hello my name is Doris from Nigeria, pls can ms and miss the same meaning if no, in which occasions can these be used diffrenntly

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    Re: ms and miss

    Miss is used to indicate that a woman is not been married
    Ms is a modern form developed because women so often objected to being categorised as married or unmarried

    Miss and Ms can be used interchangeably.

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    Re: ms and miss

    "Ms." can be and is used by both married and unmarried women. Ms. is preferred by many women in the U.S. It should be used in correspondence and introductions, especially when you don't know whether the woman being addressed is married or not.
    "Miss" is used for unmarried women and especially for female children. It can be and is used to address a female server in a restaurant or a saleswoman in a store.

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