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    Is there any difference between to be allowed to and to be permitted?
    "Parking is not permitted"
    _ You're not allowed to park here
    Why the book changed the verb?
    What about _ You are not permitted to park here
    Is it also OK?

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    Re: syn.

    There's no difference in my opinion. I looked up some forums and dictionaries, and they seem to confirm that.

    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: syn.

    (Not a teacher)

    There isn't a difference in meaning, just in connotation. 'Permit' is more formal than 'allow'. Things like laws, legislation, orders etc normally 'permit' things. Whereas, people talking to each other in normal conversation will 'allow' things. This doesn't mean if you say 'permit' in normal convrsation it will sound strange - it won't - it's just most often found in more formal things.


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