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    Smile conspiracy-minded, mount a cover up campaign

    Dear Teachers,

    I am writing to ask the following sentence.

    As with the de Vere theory, a major flaw to the Christopher Marlowe theory is the timing of his death. Many historians believe that Marlowe was killed in a fight in a London pub in 1593. However, conspiracy-minded Marlowe experts argue that this was a cover-up and that he was secretly sent to Europe to work as a spy for Elizabeth I.
    --What does "conspiracy-minded Marlowe experts" mean?
    --Does "cover-up" here mean "faulse believing" or is there any better way to explain this?
    --Does "As with the..." mean "the same as"?

    Today, the majority of Shakespearean scholars believe that, in spite of his bumble beginnings, the man from Stratford-upon-Avon was the true author of the literary greats.
    --What does "humble beginnings" here mean?

    Until enough evidence is collected to firmly support any argument, debate surrounding who "the Bard" of Stratford really was continues.
    --What does "the Bard" here mean?

    Your uncle, a great but unknown writer, dies unexpectedly. You are also a writer, but not a very good one. After your uncle's death, some of his greatest stories are attributed to you. Would you "mount" a cover-up campaign or admit that the stories are not yours?
    --What does mount mean?

    Thanks very much!


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    Re: conspiracy-minded, mount a cover up campaign

    Some believe that Marlowe was also a spy and that his death was faked. he was due to appear before a court on charges of immorality before he was killed and some suggest that the injuries detailed would not have been fatal (I belive he was stabbed in the forehead, which is unlikely to reach the brain and kill). People who like conspiracy theories like to imagine that he then wrote Shakespeare's plays secretly.

    Humble beginnings- Shakespeare's father was a glove maker. Shakespeare didn't go to university, which is what I think they mean here- his father was not that poor.

    The bard = nickname for Shakespeare.

    Mount = create/build


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