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    Smile botox/ go on off

    hi teacher

    whats the meaning of botox in this sentence
    00:03:50,747 --> 00:03:56,466
    I should get Botox as soon
    as I get my allowance.

    whats the meaning of go on off
    00:12:07,998 --> 00:12:09,392
    Why don't you go on off to work, honey?

    so thanks

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    Re: botox/ go on off

    Botox is a preparation (injection) used in cosmetology to eliminate wrinkles on the face.

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    Re: botox/ go on off

    (Not a teacher)

    Just to add some more information, Botox is the trade name for a highly toxic protein 'Botulinum toxin'. It is lethal, but used in medicine in small controlled doses to paralyse muscles. This can be either for cosmetic reason as said above to eliminate wrinkles; or it can be for medical reasons to stop muscle spasms.

    'Go on off' is a combination of two phrasal verbs:

    go on, happen or take place: What's going on here? continue: Go on working. behave; act: Don't go on like that! talk effusively; chatter.

    e.(used to express disbelief):Go on, you're kidding me. appear onstage in a theatrical performance: I go on in the middle of the second act.

    Definition b.


    go off

    to explode, fire, or perform or begin to function abruptly: A gun went off in the distance.
    b.(of what has been expected or planned) to happen: The interview went off very badly. leave, esp. suddenly: She went off without saying goodbye. die. deteriorate.

    f.Slang. to experience orgasm.

    Definition c.

    There isn't a real reason to use a combination, other than to show persistence/to insist.

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