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Thread: Platinum level

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    Platinum level


    i would like to know what exactly does "platinum level" (adjective) mean. For example in a context like: "Platinum level wedding reception".

    Thanks :)

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    Re: Platinum level

    Disclaimer: Not a teacher

    Well, platinum is a very valuable metal, more valuable than gold. A platinum level service would be the highest quality of service available. And the most expensive.

    A platinum level wedding reception would be a extremely high class, very expensive reception indeed.

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    Re: Platinum level

    Platinum level wedding reception can simply mean that it's a luxury wedding so imagine the services that can be offered in a luxury wedding,I think this is the meaning of it,it's the high performance of the services that's why they use platinum to describe it because it's very valuable.

    N.B : not a teacher.

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