Hi All,

Could you please correct the grammar mistake of this mail I am going to send my friends tomorrow

So letís next momís meet up with the kids. I would love to host this time. I am always obsessed with out door activity for the kids as contrary to the indoor game. Moreover there is hardly any play area in our apartments. Below are my few ideas if you guys also feel the same:

  • Mini Marathon: It will be just ten round of some park. We can plan some participant as well as winner gift to motivate the kids.
  • Wheel barrow game: This is one of my favorite game and kids in my yoga class loved to play this over and over again.
  • Flying kites: I guess the children would love to fly kites.
  • Riding bicycles: It is always a fun to ride bicycle in a group.

I have mentioned all above game thinking of Tufís libraryís play ground. Suggestions are welcome for better ground.

We can play two or three games out of the above list for hour or two. Please suggest if you guys have any other ideas. After that we can have pot luck or pizza at my place. After the food we can again play few more indoor games if time permits and children are not tired.

Please let me know what do you think?