Greetings everyone!
I would really appreciate it if anyone can take a look at that letter and check it for any kind of mistakes. Thanks in advance:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you as a response to your offer for a place for Engineering with Foundation Year. I would like to thank you for the place and require further information regarding this course. After graduating from Varna's Math High School my decision was to get into a degree program that involves more than the average knowledge in mathematics, physics and informatics. Based on the results of two Entry exams of Mathematics and the State Matriculation Exam of Mathematics which tests the knowledge and skills from the last 4 years at school, I was offered a place for Civil Engineering in the University of Building, Architecture and Geodezia (UASG) and for Computer Science course in The University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski", both considered the most prestigous universities in Bulgaria. My firm choice turned out to be the Civil Engineering degree which I am taking at the moment. This course is stressing on Mathematics, Physychs and Mechanics and the theoretical preparation was on a very good level but the the research facilities, practical methods, laboratory excersises and the university base generally are quite old-fashioned and provide non practical expirience. As a result I felt unsatisfied with the ways of teaching in Bulgaria and decided to apply in UK since it is a developed and modern country with a well-known world's leading reasearch universities which offer not only high quality theoretical but also practical teaching. That being said is there a possible way to skip the foundaton year provided that the Civil Engineering being highly mathematical and physics orientated course covers all of the main theorems and knowledge such as integrals, vectors, differential equations, complex numbers, trigonometric functions etc.
Your Faithfully,