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    Post step out of

    hi , teacher

    whats the meaning of these sentences

    00:30:09,368 --> 00:30:13,744
    But the second you step out
    of this house, we're over.
    00:30:13,801 --> 00:30:15,514
    That's it for us.

    whats the meaning of step out of and thats it for us in those sentences

    thanks a lot!

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    Re: step out of

    not a teacher

    To 'step out of' is to leave.
    That's it for us - The sentence is not very clear. It is probably a warning to someone not to leave the house or risk ending the relationship (it's over) with another.

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    Re: step out of

    'Step out of this house' is as literal as it can ever be here: it means to leave the house. The moment you go out of the house, we're over.

    Does the second phrase in red somehow relate to the first sentence in context?

    It can mean, 'That's all for us', or 'We're finished with it', 'Let's call it a day';
    or it can also mean something along the lines, 'Yeah, right', 'Exactly' -- all depending on the context before this phrase was mentioned.

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    Re: step out of

    Dear saramehr;

    Most of your threads are about phrasal verbs and/or about idioms which I believe you can find on the sites below;

    Idioms and phrases
    English Language Reference Resources -

    Find out their meanings by yourself, then you are more likely to remember them.
    Learn them from us without exerting any efforts, then you are less likely to remember them.

    Our forums will be more helpful for the things you can't manage to find.
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