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    Today's global society is making us more and more alike. for&against essay

    The main characteristics of today' s global society are the improved means of global communications and the easy access to ideas and products from all over the world. Thus, it is largely feared that the globalization is already a reality with a huge impact in people's lifestyle, which has become similar- if not identical.

    To start with, today many people around the world adopt similar ideas, habits and wear the same clothes. The mass media, such as the Internet, are easily accessible, especially to young people, and the ideas they promote, influence our way of thinking.

    Moreover, the last decades the world's economy is controlled by a few powerful multinational companies. As a result, the world markets produce and sell similar ideas and products in many countries. For example, you can find in the stores the same brand of jeans whether you are in a European or an Asian country, something that would be impossible a few decades ago.

    Due to the above, mass media and companies have the power to form peoples needs, simply by informing them about what is in fashion and making it easy for them to adopt or buy it . For this reason , it is believed by many that countries with powerful economies can make people from poor countries to adopt their lifestyle.

    In contrast, it is claimed that the expansion of mass media and industries in many countries has contributed to making wide known a variety of ideas and generally ways of living. Today, people are not obliged to adopt a lifestyle acceptable from their culture, simply because they can choose from a variety of cultures and ideas. This means that people can eat, wear clothes and adopt habits that best suit them, without worrying that they will not be accepted from the society.

    In conclusion, Internet and large companies have an obvious influence on the modern lifestyle and generally on people's beliefs. However, people can choose not to be identical with other people by supporting the lifestyle that best fits them.

    Please take a look at my essay.Thanks in advance!
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