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Thread: achieving goals

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    achieving goals

    Achieving our educational and career goals requires us to learn how to overcome obstacles. Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, described obstacles as “Those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” Many people become disoriented after they decide to pursue a certain goal. The importance of a clear plan, from one step to the next, will eliminate any uncertainty and assist in the progression of reaching our goals. The absence of an approach or outline in my profession can result in affliction and hardship. The science and technology in graphical design is rapidly changing. Being able to adapt to these changes is crucial. The lack of expertise with the newest software and with the newest techniques can cost the career of a graphic designer. Keeping current with software updates can decide if you keep your job. It is necessary to develop self-discipline to set time aside to grasp and review the uncanny technology. We see obstacles as insurmountable, but being bold and undaunted will help us conquer our personal obstacles.

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    Re: achieving goals

    Please may someone correct this!

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