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    labour market paragraph

    The profession of a graphic designer is looking very promising. According to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics, graphic designers held about 286,100 jobs in 2008 with a projected 13 percent increase in the next ten years. The median wages for graphic designers were $20.39 hourly or $42,400 annually. According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the average pay for entry-level designers was $35,000 in 2008. The industries for graphic designers include professional, scientific, and technical services, self-employment, information, and manufacturing. In Canada, Service Canada is predicting an average employment growth due to the emergence of information technologies. The average hourly wages are $19.00, just above the average wage. The duration of the entry level position is about three years. After the completion of the entry level, the possibility for advancement to higher positions is available. Experienced personnel may advance to art or creative director, chief designer, or other supervisory positions. The opportunities related to this profession look encouraging, as the demand for graphical artists is great.

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    Re: labour market paragraph

    Please may someone correct this!

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