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    Will sombody please edit this??

    The day was incredibly beautiful so many people were there to see beautiful cherry blossoms. I and my friends - Dan, Lance, Richie, Dave, Joerg, Jurom, Ally, Tabo - went to the picnic to Yeoido to join a cherry blossom festival. These are some pictures that I took. There were more people than cherry blossoms but still it was great fun having time together with friends. Now take a look.

    From right ( Tabo(Tiland), Tabo's friend(British), Dan(American) )

    from left ( Dave, Lance, Lance's friend(Korean) )
    Lance doesn't like this picture cos he's touching his foot. so funny isn't it?

    from left ( Ally(American), Dave(American), Lance )
    Oh come on~ Ally! what's so serious?? Smile~~~~ It's beautiful day!!

    OK~ now it's better. :) I like Ally. She helped me a lot emotionally when I was depressed. She's so friendly. So I used to call her "Friendly Ally"

    from left ( Joerg(German), Jurome(Canadian) )
    Look at this hansome guy. Joerg is an exchange student of Ewha Univ. Just imagine how many K-girl would love to be a friend with him?? Don't you think he's cute?? Now he's studying Korean language

    Ok~ one more fan service.

    This is Richie(Filipino). He's one of my closest friend. He's living here for about 5 years now and speaks very good Korean.

    I think this is a fairly good shot of day. Look at people's funny expression.

    Ok you are the Lock star, Dan. After I took this picture many Korean boys came to Dan and asked if he can take a picture with them. Dan surely said ok and took serveral pictures with them. Every other friends asked Dan. "Why Korean boys wants to take pictures with you?" Dan said.. "Well.. it's hard to be a Lock star" LOL..

    Me and Dan.
    Dan will leave this country on this June to live in Canada with his Korean girlfriend. He and his Korean girlfriend agreed getting married together and live in Canada. Dan is an American now but he wants to immigrate to Canada cos his girlfriend doesn't want to live in Korea or America. It's really sad that I cannot see him anymore. He's been great fellow to me since I met him 3 years ago. I'll miss you my friend.

    Me and Richie
    Don't you think Richie looks like "SeongRyong"? Of course I know I look like Tom Cruise. :))

    Joerg and Jurome
    Joerg and Jurome will leave this country on this July. I believe someday they will come again. But It's always sad thing to say good-bye to friends.

    from left ( Mary(American) and Shawn(American) )
    Actually this picture was kind of old. But I would like to put it on here. Aren't they look like beautiful couple?

    It's always nice to get together with friends and talk talk talk. Even if we do nothing without talking and drinking. It always gives me a power to survive this world. I'll see you guys next time. Bye.

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    Re: Will sombody please edit this??

    I'm on my way out, so I don't have time to do it all, but if you look at your opening, you use 'beautiful' twice in the first sentence. Also, we don't put 'blossom' into the plural much. You have a cherry blossom festival in Korea? I've just moved to Japan, where everyone heads off to the parks for the blossom- it such a beautiful time.

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