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    can anyone tell me the difference between someone and somebody?

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    Re: vocabulary

    Quote Originally Posted by sasha williams
    can anyone tell me the difference between someone and somebody?
    Often, there is no difference. We might be more likely to use someone if we had in mind a specific person.

    • A: I met someone at a party yesterday, and I am trying to remember her name.
      B: Can you tell me what she looks like?
      A: She's blonde with blue eyes.
      B: That's not much to go on.
      A: She's a singer. She sings at this club.
      B: Sandra?
      A: That's it!

    • A: I'm looking for someone.
      B: Who are you looking for?
      A: I'm looking for my wife.

    Often they are interchangeable, but sometimes they are used differently. For example, a somebody is an important person (as opposed to a nobody) For example: "He's a somebody.

    I hope that helps.


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