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    Correcting sentences

    Hey all

    you see as a learner I face some bewilderment and so....

    Here is a list of sentences I am not sure wether they are correct or not.... can you help me to know the correction and the reason

    Well, first one of my friend n her bb status writes in the college... I think it is wrong and the correcting at college... but I am not sure so which one is correct?

    The second a friend of mine also writes in her status I am her! I think it is grammatically wrong but I am not sure so can you tell me =D I think she can't write I am then her ... she can substitues the status to it is I or it is me.... help =D

    the third friend status is " it is a tragedy fairytale" I think it is wrong to write tragedy and fairytale after it because they are both nouns so we have to change tragedy to the adjective tragic so the sentence will be " it is a tragic fairy tale"

    So, far these are my friends status which made me restless =D cause I think they are wrong but I am not sure and I want to correct them

    and here's more sentences I want to make sure of:

    If you were a school subject I will definitely get an A.
    I want you to kill me and finish this pain... to release me from my suffering and undo my wound... because your love is killing me!
    can anyone identify the reason why my heart beats so fast? can anyone tell me why her smile never away from my mind's eyes?

    Well, so far I have these sentences only but I am sure I will find more so please help me!

    P.S: I will really appreciate it if you correct everysingle mistakess in the topic not only the sentences that bothers me but even my writing if I have a grammar or structure mistakes.... and thanks in advance

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    Re: Correcting sentences

    1 At college would be better
    2 It's the kind of thing people write in profiles/online status. It's OK there but generally wouldn't work.
    3 Grammatically it should be tragic fairytale or tragedy and fairytale.
    4 ...would definitely get an A
    5 I would use 'heal my wound'
    6 ...why her smile is never away from my mind's eye- but it's not a very natural way of saying it

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    Re: Correcting sentences

    Thhhhhhhhanks million Tdol <3

    Now I can rest in peace!

    I started to hate social networks n so due to people statues

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