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    work around something

    what does 'work around something' mean in the following conversation? Please give me examples using this expression. Thank you!

    Detective Copeland: "Were you aware that Mike was shot recently?"
    Susan: "Yes, on Valentine's Day."
    Detective Copeland: "And do you know how it came about?"
    Susan: "He dropped his gun, cleaning it."
    Detective Copeland: "Miss Mayer, with all due respect, I've been working around guns for years. I've never seen one discharge when it hits the ground. Someone has to pull the trigger."

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    Re: work around something

    "working around sth or somebody" means the detective has been working near or close to people or with people or has been involved with people who know guns. The implication is the detective knows a lot about guns even though he isn't an expert. e.g. I've been working around horses most of my life = I know a lot about horses but I'm not an expert.

    In this example the meaning changes a bit. I've been working around idiots for the last 5 years = I've learned a lot about idiots but I don't consider myself one nor am I an expert on them.

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