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    A perfect fac-simile


    I am having a trouble to understand the cosmetic advertisement . Will someone help me out?

    These pigments and a combination of volatile oils create perfect affinity between skin and foundation and help to reproduce the finish and even appearanace of ideal skin. A perfect fac-simile, complexion and foundation come together as one.

    Q1. "reproduce the finish". I think "the finish" means the last part of make-up.
    Why does the word "reproduce" is used in this case? Why not produce?

    Q2. "fac-simile". My dictionary says that "fac-simile" is fax machine in French. Does it make sense?

    Q3. "complexion". In this case, does complextion mean the texture of skin or the color of skin?

    Thank you, very much. Domo Arigato.

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    Re: A perfect fac-simile

    'Finish' can be used to mean the top layer, the outside of something, so it would means that they make the skin look perfect. I honestly have no idea what 'fac-simile' means here; it does mean fax, or can also be an exact copy, which is the origin of the name for faxes.

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